A World of Learning with Dandenong South Primary School

Dandenong South Primary School’s community prides itself on a strong commitment to learning and excellence. Our award winning learning environments facilitate powerful learning outcomes within an atmosphere of mutual respect and challenge.


Principal’s Message

Mrs Leonie Fitzgerald

Principal, Leonie Fitzgerald

In 2021, we have 598 students at our school. Our staff work consistently to ensure that we provide an exciting, stimulating learning environment where our children can be motivated and engaged in their learning.We focus on providing clear and explicit instruction as children work independently and in groups to achieve their full learning potential. Regular feedback enables students to have an ever growing understanding of their own learning. As well as academic excellence, the school values creative skills and physical education.

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Term Dates

Term 1: Wednesday 27 January — Thursday 1 April.

Term 2: Monday 19 April — Friday 25 June.

Term 3: Monday 12 July — Friday 17 September.

Term 4: Monday 4 October — Friday 17 December.